How Much Electricity Does a Solar Panel Produce

Solar energy has emerged as a promising alternative to conventional power sources, harnessing the abundant energy from the sun. With its growing popularity, many people are curious about theĀ amount of electricity a solar panel can produce
Solar panels have a peak power, also known as the peak power rating or peak wattage, representing the maximum amount of power the solar panel can generate under specific standard test conditions. The peak power is an important metric used to evaluate and compare the performance of different solar panels.
This …

Biomass Plants in Ireland

Biomass has emerged as a popular renewable energy source in Ireland, owing to its potential to reduce carbon emissions, generate electricity, and create employment opportunities. With multiple biomass plants operational throughout the country, it has become a crucial component of the Irish energy mix. The plants use various feedstocks, including wood from the timber industry, to generate electricity in power stations or through combined heat and power stations.
For instance, the West Offaly Power Station is a biomass plant…

The UK Government Is Improving Charging Infrastructure Distribution

The move to zero-emission vehicles will assist the United Kingdom in meeting its legally bound climate change commitments.
It will enhance the air quality in all urban areas while also promoting economic growth. With numerous vehicles made in the UK, we will also be at the vanguard of the EV revolution.
The Prime Minister said in 2020 that we will phase out the production of new petrol and diesel cars and trucks before …

NGOs Advocate for More Renewable Energy

Bellona Europe, a non-profit environmental organization, has urged the European Commission to support marine biomass for heat and electricity, as well as biofuels. The organization made the request in its answer to the European Commission’s study on a sustainable bioenergy strategy after 2020.
Bellona Europe stated in a remark that while micro algae have prospered from increased attention and development, the biofuel capacity of seaweed is not yet fully …

How Clean EVs Are

The main differentiation between conventional and electric vehicles is the mechanism of converting stored energy into kinetic force.
This energy is retained in a chemical form in conventional cars and released by a chemical change inside the cylinder. Electric cars, on the other hand, despite possessing chemically stored power, release it electrochemically without any type of burning.
This means that no gasoline is burned…

In Europe, the Combustion Engine Is Doomed

The EU governments have decided that sales of gasoline-powered automobiles and vans would cease in 2035.
The decision is a significant step toward enacting a historic law that will eliminate all emissions from new automobiles. After the European Parliament’s vote in favor earlier this month, authorities will shortly open negotiations with MEPs on the actual legislation, but the result is a virtual certainty.

European Countries Quarrel with the United States over Biofuels

The G7 leaders met in the Bavarian Alps to address the ramifications of the Ukraine conflict and two of the world’s other most important issues: climate change and agricultural production.
With grain shipments currently stranded in Ukraine, conversations shifted to how the entire globe could free up resources in the face of scarcity and rising food costs.
Earlier this week, UK Prime …

Conflicts Over Vegetable Oil in Biofuels

In May 2022 European supermarket chains started to unveil the unimaginable. Vegetable oils would perhaps be scarce. The sight of empty shelves propelled the Ukraine conflict to the attention of shoppers from Paris to London.
It becomes a matter of priority in times of scarcity. Ukraine contributes to more than 40% of worldwide sunflower oil sales and is Europe’s top foreign producer of rapeseed oil.

Europe Lacks Ambitious National Climate Change Goals

As the Council approves the basic framework of the ESR, European NGOs urge EU officials to protect the integrity of national climate objectives in order to meet the 2030 climate goals and shift to carbon neutrality.
The ESR is critical to the EU climate plan because it accounts for more than half of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. The ESR would provide the necessary incentive to introduce game-changing industry legal provisions with significant targets and…

Biofuels Are Significantly More Expensive than Gasoline and Diesel

According to a new investigation into the real price of biofuels, biodiesel costs at least 70% more than petrol and diesel on the commodities market, according to the crop utilized. We urged the EU to discontinue mandated crop biofuel blending in order to relieve the strain on food and fuel prices.
In Europe, biofuels have continuously been more expensive than fossil fuels in past years. The price differential to fossil fuels is growing with recent price increases in many of the biomasses used for biofuels, such as …