Because rail is one of the cleanest means of transportation, increasing the proportion of passenger and freight travels carried by train is critical for decarbonizing the transportation industry.

Rail development benefits both citizens and businesses while also supporting European countries in meeting their climate commitments.

Transportation contributes 27% of total CO2 emissions in Europe. Rail is the most environmentally friendly means of passenger transportation. More people traveling by train and more freight delivered by rail would significantly reduce CO2 pollution from the transportation sector.

Rail Freight

For cost and flexibility considerations, many businesses now choose to carry goods using more polluting means of transportation.

On the other hand, rail has distinct expenses and logistical complexity that do not exist in road transportation. However, there is the possibility of additional commodities being delivered by train.

We want freight trains, like passenger services, to become more customer-oriented and sustainable in order to be more profitable. Our platform allows you to meet with important rail stakeholders and organize discussions to explore some of the major barriers to mobility.

We’ve learned quite a bit about why rail freight in Europe isn’t developing at the rate required to meet the EU’s White Paper objectives. These studies and certain stakeholder opinion pieces propose ways for policymakers to play a larger role in supporting transition as a means of decarbonizing transportation.


Passenger Rail

The fourth EU Railway Package will allow openness in domestic passenger markets after 2020. Members will soon be required to adopt this policy at the national level.

The package intends to strengthen the railway business by providing passengers better services while lowering railway operators’ expenses. Knowing this, we seek a customer-focused railway industry.

What we mean is that we hope for a situation in which passengers may easily buy a ticket and arrange their journeys. We also want railways to be powered by electricity, with the power coming from renewable sources.