Bioenergy Task 39 is a global organization that promotes electromobility and ecological transportation. We represent and advocate for zero-emission mobility at all levels, from regional to national to global, on behalf of the industry, academia, and EV users.

Our organization has thousands of industry members, including EV users, SMEs, OEMs, and many other companies with a business interest in electromobility.

Furthermore, our network includes non-governmental organizations, interest groups, public institutions, research centers, vehicle manufacturers, and other relevant parties. This goes beyond national boundaries and into global reach.

In addition to advocacy, Bioenergy Task 39 provides its members a unique platform for sharing thoughts, experiences, and suggestions on how to promote electromobility around the world.

Our Values


Our team consists of subject matter specialists, and every bit of proof we release is meticulously examined to ensure accuracy.

Our most valuable asset is our credibility. As a result, we are a non-profit organization with political independence, and we believe strongly in the importance of science and facts in governance.

Changing the Laws

We believe that legislation may affect change. Our tailored lobbying focuses on practical and measurable policy goals to affect actual change. In doing so, we target the big players rather than the little ones.


Expertise and reputable research are insufficient by themselves. This is supported by memorable anecdotes that drive policy debate. To guarantee that our message touches the right ones at the right moment, we use various media and online platforms.


Our organization is based on collaboration. Our personnel in several countries work with our members and supporter organizations all over the world.