Conflicts Over Vegetable Oil in Biofuels

In May 2022 European supermarket chains started to unveil the unimaginable. Vegetable oils would perhaps be scarce. The sight of empty shelves propelled the Ukraine conflict to the attention of shoppers from Paris to London.
It becomes a matter of priority in times of scarcity. Ukraine contributes to more than 40% of worldwide sunflower oil sales and is Europe’s top foreign producer of rapeseed oil.

Europe Lacks Ambitious National Climate Change Goals

As the Council approves the basic framework of the ESR, European NGOs urge EU officials to protect the integrity of national climate objectives in order to meet the 2030 climate goals and shift to carbon neutrality.
The ESR is critical to the EU climate plan because it accounts for more than half of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. The ESR would provide the necessary incentive to introduce game-changing industry legal provisions with significant targets and…

Biofuels Are Significantly More Expensive than Gasoline and Diesel

According to a new investigation into the real price of biofuels, biodiesel costs at least 70% more than petrol and diesel on the commodities market, according to the crop utilized. We urged the EU to discontinue mandated crop biofuel blending in order to relieve the strain on food and fuel prices.
In Europe, biofuels have continuously been more expensive than fossil fuels in past years. The price differential to fossil fuels is growing with recent price increases in many of the biomasses used for biofuels, such as …