As the Council approves the basic framework of the ESR, European NGOs urge EU officials to protect the integrity of national climate objectives in order to meet the 2030 climate goals and shift to carbon neutrality.

The ESR is critical to the EU climate plan because it accounts for more than half of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. The ESR would provide the necessary incentive to introduce game-changing industry legal provisions with significant targets and compliance methods.

Without set targets in the ESR sectors, converting such a substantial sector of the market to sustainability would be unfeasible. The same methods that are used to combat climate change are also used to reduce Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels.

The coalition argues that present EU climate obligations must be increased in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets. To begin, it proposes that the EU legislation for 2030 be finalized in accordance with the goal thresholds established by the European Parliament.

Furthermore, EU leaders must ensure that the 2030 aim for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is revised. This will allow the EU to renew its Paris promise to the United Nations by 2020, as committed in Paris.

To fulfill the Paris Agreement goals and establish a zero-carbon economy, European businesses and governments must collaborate. Although this is hard to accomplish, it’s not impossible given how more companies are demonstrating how innovative business ideas can reinvent how we do everything.

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